• Zeta Davidson

Discerning the Voice of God-How to Recognize when God Speaks

by Priscilla Shirer 2017 edition

1. A Proactive Stance of Obedience

2. The Holy Spirit

3. The Holy Spirit’s voice

4. Reflection of His Heart

5. Revealing of His Plans

6. A Continual State of Readiness

7. Speak, Lord

What comes to mind when you think of hearing from God?

Does hearing from God come easily or is it a struggle?

Read John 5:30 Jesus’ submission to God’s will in all that He did. With Jesus as our example, what might submission to the Father’s will look like in our everyday lives? Does this come easily for us? Why? Or Why Not?

The only appropriate answer when we hear God speaking is, “Yes, Lord.”

What is God wanting each of us to do today? Delayed obedience is disobedience and leaves us exposed to the enemy’s advances.

Be Still and Know that I am God-Psalm 46:10

Reading Thru the Bible this year—Keep your righteous living going thru your whole life. Many main characters in the Old Testament did not.

1Kings 9:11---The Lord Appears to Solomon

Naaman-who was he? What had he done? 2 Kings 5.

Who did God use? Why did Naaman get angry? What small thing has God asked you to do today? Would you rather it have been big and glorious?

In the quietness of this moment, what small thing might God be asking each of us to do? (Share if time.) End in Prayer.

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