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Reflective of His Heart

Week 4 Women’s Bible Study FBCNKC Reflective of His Heart

Discerning the Voice of God-How to Recognize When God Speaks

God remains the same---yesterday, today, and forever.

God’s Scripture shows God’s character.

Psalm 119—Read this Psalm over and over again; never gets old.

Still, God, I seek You no matter what.

Be careful when life gets tough—refocus on God.


Am I using God? Or Am I sitting in the Presence of God?

Are there believers who don’t spend time in the presence of God?

### God, You are what makes us different! To set yourself apart (refocus) have the presence of God in your life.!

God wants connection & relationship with each of us.

The presence of God-See Matthew 6: 9-13 The Lord’s Model Prayer

“Brother Lawrence” has this to say about Practicing the Presence.

The Lord is the prize to be after in life. The Bible is His love letter to you! During your quiet time, search out—What does this teach me about Your character, God?

Matthew 6:33 tells us to “Seek first the presence of God and ….”

Psalm 119:10 says, “Don’t let me wander….” Compare to a parent in charge of a child’s wandering given their personality & temperament.

If error increases with distance, how far do you wish to be from God?

God takes it as His responsibility to cause you to hear. . . .

Does conviction encourage you? Why should it?

God wants each of us to enjoy our life in Him.

God is ‘mysterious’ and we can’t ever master God’s ways & works.

Encouraging Words:

Proverbs 23:5-6 Philippians 3:15 Philippians 2:13 Philippians 1:6

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